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Learning Made Easy!
Where you can learn



From Anyone

TemanIlmu platform will connect people who seeks education material from those mentor that capable on the desired area of learning.

Expert Courses


To be a leading educational platform that enable people to learn anywhere, anytime, and from anyone.


Mission 1. To develop a technology based educational platform to connect people 2. To develop skills and competencies through direct mentorship from the expert and specialists. 3. To create a non-formal education community.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.

1. Multi-Tier Courses

TemanIlmu provide a multi course materials in the field of business, Islamic education, private lecture, cooking class, beauty class, and any other sectors which can adapt mentorship system.

2. Education Community

Besides learning platform, Teman Ilmu also be a place of a community which is consist of not only people with formal educational background, but also those who did not have a formal educational background.

3. Professional Mentors

TemanIlmu collaborate with mentors with excellenct background in their field.

Let’s Create a Better World!​

Share your skills and knowledge with people all around the world, and earn money by creating a better place through borderless education.


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We make the most of all our people.

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