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Enterprise Talk by Prasetia Dwidharma



Event Description

If you run a business and still avoid crossing the digital divide, the time may be right for you to finally take the leap. During this time of quarantining and social distancing, it has become easier to spot that your company need to make serious efforts to build your digital infrastructure. 

This webinar series will be divided by 4 sections to help you do your company's digital transformation: CMO Talk, CTO Talk, IoT Talk and COO Talk.

Looking forward to learn together!


PT Prasetia Dwidharma was founded in 2008. Since then we have grown to become a major player in the industry, currently we have three divisions under our company:

Telecommunication & Infrastructure

We provide tower construction services, starting from planning up to construction, which includes civil, mechanical, electrical works, maintenance services for BTS towers to major tower providers in Indonesia.

ICT (Information & Communication Technology)

We provide Smart City and IoT Innovative solutions to Indonesian ICT and APAC Market.

Call Center BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

We provide Call Center Outsourcing Services (People, Operations, Infrastructure , CRM Technology, Robotic Process Automation, starting from consulting, planning up to development and delivery of high-end solutions for Indonesian CRM Market.

Existing topics:

#1 CMO TALK: RPA in The Real World: Driving Marketing, Analytics and Customer Service Productivity.

#2 IoT TALK: Qlue for COVID19, Embracing The New Normal in Indonesia with AI and IoT

#3 CMO Talk: Social CRM and Whatsapp for Business to Boost Sales Growth and Automation

#4 CTO TALK: Building Indonesia Banking Innovation with Face Recognition Technology

#5 CEO Talk: Controlling Your Home and Office Internet Security With A Simple App

#6 CMO Talk: Winning in the New Normal Economy with a Conversational Experience

#7 COO Talk: Standardizing and Streamlining Operations for Business in Multiple Locations

In case you missed the previous episodes, you can always find the recordings at YouTube Channel Siar News


Prasetia Dwidharma



Wednesday, 23 Sep 20

19:30 - 21:00

Wednesday, 30 Sep 20

19:30 - 21:00

Tags Cloud

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